Next of Kin

“Many years earlier, when he was a lieutenant in the army stationed just outside Paris, Charles Richards had come across a young recruit, a boy of about eighteen years of age, sitting alone on his bunk in the mess with his head held in his hands, weeping silently.”

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Next of Kin

It is 1936 and London is abuzz with gossip about the affair between Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson.

But the king is not the only member of the aristocracy with a hard decision to make. Owen Montignac, the handsome and charismatic scion of a wealthy land-owning family, is anxiously awaiting the reading of his late uncle’s will.

And when he discovers that he’s been cut out in favour of his beautiful cousin Stella, it’s time to prove just how cunning he can be.

  • UK: Doubleday
  • Germany: Piper
  • Portugal: Ulisseia
  • USA: St Martin’s Press