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Written by John Boyne on the October 17th,2020

If you are looking for me on social media, I am afraid you’re out of luck! I deleted all my social media accounts in August 2020.

For many years, I enjoyed being on Twitter and interacting with readers and writers. However, after the publication of my young adult novel MY BROTHER’S NAME IS JESSICA in 2019, I came in for an enormous amount of abuse from complete strangers online, including death threats.

One troubled individual tweeted about me 1,134 times over a year, and although he apologised for his many hundreds of defamations and outright lies, and indeed admitted to same and to ‘reckless harassment’, I questioned why I wanted to be on a platform where people like that could connect to me at all. And, frankly, I couldn’t think of a single good reason. And so I permanently deleted my accounts.

It’s the best decision I ever made. The noise is gone and I can focus on the thing that’s most important to me: my writing.